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Professor Andi has specialist expertise in complex oral mouth cancer management, frequently treating patients on a weekly basis at St George’s Hospital Head & Neck Cancer Center, London.

Professor Andi can rebuild lost tissues from the face, mouth, neck and jaws using a variety of local, pedicled and microvascular free flaps with detailed surgical planning.

Road traffic accidents, football, rugby and skiing related injuries to the eye socket, face and jaws commonly present to us. We use the latest techniques avoiding scars to the skin of the face where possible.


With over 1000 skin lesions removed and reconstructed Professor Andi has extensive experience in the management of skin cancer, scar revision and reconstruction using local flaps, skin grafts and artificial skin substitutes.

From benign pleomorphic adenomas to cancerous salivary gland tumours such as acinic cell carcinoma, adenocarcinoma and mucoepidermoid carcinoma, Professor Andi can extensively remove your tumour using a full range of surgical techniques including facial reanimation and microsurgical nerve grafting.

We can offer the full range of treatment for jaw joints ranging from the minimally invasive to an artificial joint replacement.

As an AXA Premier Referral centre for complex wisdom teeth our incidence of permanent numbness after surgery is 0% and 1% for dry sockets.

We have surgical expertise in the placement of implants, bone grafts and sinus lifts with full dental facilities* to return your smile.

Expert Witness to The Courts

Professor Andi is currently completing a LLM (Medical Law) and has experience presenting oral and written evidence instructed by The Crown Prosecution Service, Defence Barristers, Coronor’s and UK Courts.

Focus on Mouth Cancer

Unfortunately, many signs of mouth cancer may go undetected by some non-specialists.

If you are concerned that you may have mouth cancer, whether you are young or older, a smoker or non-smoker, you must get in touch with us as soon as possible.


Mouth Cancer Symptoms

Mouth ulcers which do not heal after one week, persistent white or red patches, and lumps in the mouth or neck that do not go away should be examined.

Teeth which have become loose or sockets which do not heal after extractions should be urgently examined.


How We Can Help

Our priority will be to establish a diagnosis and treatment for you rapidly because waiting induces anxiety which we will try to avoid as much as possible.

This will involve a biopsy and sometimes several scans before your treatment plan can be ratified.


Attention to Detail

Professor Andi is internationally recognised as a leader in digital surgical planning and advanced imaging techniques.

We will deploy the latest technology to understand the tumour in detail and plan the most appropriate type of reconstruction.


A Team Approach

Achieving the best survival outcomes and quality of life in relation to appearance, being able to eat and swallow requires a multidisciplinary approach.

Professor Andi is proud to lead a team of ENT, maxillofacial and dental surgeons, speech and language therapists, dieticians, hygienists and psychologist who are experienced in looking after head and neck cancer patients.

Satisfaction from patient reported outcome measures


We apply the latest techniques using the most advanced technology, with you at the centre of your care.
Always striving for the highest quality care and efficient services.

We are exclusively located at The London Clinic, London’s leading private hospital providing day surgery and inpatient care for minor and major surgical procedures with one of the most advanced intensive therapy units in the country. Specialist dental services are provided in North London in conjunction with our Mill Hill team.

Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery 24 years Experience

18 years of digital planning and surgical reconstruction

Over 1000 facial plastic surgery reconstructions carried out successfully

Over 4000 wisdom teeth removed

Professor Andi has seen me through a really difficult year. He's an enormously expert surgeon, who is knowledgeable and encouraging. I feel so lucky to have been treated by him.

On your first visit

We will explore your priorities in detail so that a treatment plan can be formulated. We are recognised by all major insurance companies, consulates and embassies. If you have been referred by your legal representative, please bring your passport or driving licence for identification.

Start Your Journey
Your initial consultation

We will discuss your treatment priorities in detail. If you have a list of medications or copies of previous tests, do bring them along with you.

Investigations & tests

If necessary you will be sent for investigations such as blood tests, X-rays, CT and MRI scans. Ultrasound scans with needle aspiration and PET-CT scans are also available.


After your test results your medical, dental or surgical treatment plan will be implemented using local anaesthetic, sedation or full general anaesthetic techniques. ITU support is available for complex major procedures.


We will provide aftercare for you until things get back to normal. If you have had treatment for cancer you will be enrolled in our cancer surveillance programme for a period of five years.

Your Surgical Team

We are an integrated clinical team with over 100 years of experience across the NHS and private sectors.

Lead Consultant Oral & Maxillofacial/ Head & Neck Surgeon

Honorary Professor of Digital Engineering in Head & Neck Surgery

Holistic Family General/Cosmetic Dentist, Children's Dentist
Mr Enyi Ofo
Consultant ENT/ Head & Neck, Thyroid Surgeon
Dr Gitta Mandani
Consultant Head & Neck Radiologist
Mr Ashraf Messiha
Consultant Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeon/ Facial Deformity Surgeon
Mr Michael Lee
Consultant ENT Surgeon
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A thorough consultation with a holistic approach. The whole process was very efficient and I felt very cared for, the very reason I chose to go privately. I will definitely recommend Professor Andi.

Professor Andi was absolutely brilliant from start to finish. The final result is amazing and I can’t thank him enough! A friendly and very highly skilled surgeon.

I cancelled my other consultations with other surgeons as I could trust Professor Andi completely. He knows exactly what he’s doing and wants the best solution and result for you.

I have had complex mouth cancer surgery with Prof Andi and 6 years later, able to live life to the full. Thank you and your team for the excellent care that I have recieved.

Prof Andi is professional and knowledgeable with a very caring nature. He explained everything to us and was very thorough in his checks. We are pleased with his service and confident that we have made the right choice.

As a Doctor, Professor Andi was recommended to me by a colleague. He is head and shoulders above the rest and I have no hesitation in recommending him.

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