Plastic Surgery

Scar Revision

Outline of The Surgical Procedure Scar revision is designed to improve or disguise the appearance of an existing scar. Scars tend to improve on their own with time and therefore surgery to revise a scar is not usually carried out for at least six months after the original

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Skin Surgery

Plastic Surgery for Skin Lesions You have a lesion on the skin of your face that requires removal. It will already have been discussed with you that this is the best form of treatment rather than using creams, lotions or freezing the area. The removal involves a

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Eyelid surgery

  The skin tends to lose its elasticity with age. In the eyelids this results in excess skin which forms folds in the upper lids and deepening creases in the lower lids. There may also be a loosening of the muscles in the lower eyelid that allows

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