Expert Witness

Medical reports are commissioned by claimants’ solicitors, defence/insurance company solicitors, and on a single joint expert basis for both defendants and claimants in personal injury and medical negligence cases.
We are aware of the requirements of Part 35 and Practice Direction 35, the Protocol for the Instruction of Experts to Give Evidence in Civil Claims and the practice direction on pre-action conduct.

If you are attending for a medico-legal appointment please bring with you two forms of identification – one with your address – such as a bank statement or utility bill – and one with a photograph of yourself – such as your passport or driving licence (the report is being prepared for the court, and as such everything needs to be verified including your identity).

If you would like us to prepare a medico-legal report for your client and require more information please contact us for initial screening advice via email.

Where do you hold clinics for Maxillofacial medico-legal examinations?

Clinics are usually held at The London Clinic but can be organised in the other practice locations for your client.

What is the average turnaround time between a letter of instruction and the date of examination?

28 working days – provided that we have agreed to accept the instruction in advance. We do not recommend sending instructions without prior discussion, and if bundles of notes are sent without our prior agreement, we will not necessarily accept the case, and if we do so the turnaround time is likely to be considerably longer.

What is the average time between the examination and the provision of the medical report?

28 working days. Complex cases will, of course, require more time and research.

Are the cost of X-rays, scans and special investigations included in the report?

No. Fees are payable directly to the facility providing the images and report.

Can payment be deferred until successful recovery of costs at the end of the claim?

No. Payment is due on receipt of the report and interest becomes due on payments beyond 28 days. We do not participate in deferred payment schemes.

Can you provide a redacted/anonymised sample Expert Witness Maxillofacial medical report?

Yes. Please contact us via email or call 020 3488 0231 to ask for this.

What is your percentage of instructions Claimant : Defendant : Joint?

90 : 10 : 0 All reports are produced to be scrupulously independent according to CPR Part 35 protocols regardless of whether we are instructed by claimant or defendant.


We can supply estimates for individual cases on request.



We can supply estimates for individual cases on request.

Terms and Conditions

Fees are payable on receipt of the report.
Interest of 1.5% per month payable beyond 28 days.
We understand and will exercise our statutory right to claim interest and compensation for debt recovery costs under the late payment legislation if we are not paid according to agreed credit terms.

Deferred payment schemes

We do not carry out work under deferred payment schemes.

Cancellation fees for booked medical examinations

There is a £100 cancellation charge for booked medical examinations.

Cancellation fees for court appearances

We are contractually obliged to give a minimum of 6 weeks notice to NHS Hospital Foundation/Trusts for leave of absence. This is because:
Out-patient clinics and operating theatre lists are normally booked well in advance.
Time is needed either to cancel and re-book large numbers of patients appointments or to engage locum cover.
Once a date has been booked as leave for court attendance, it is not usually possible for us to reinstate either NHS or private work with less than 6 weeks notice.
Therefore it would be justifiable to bill the full rate if a court case is cancelled with less than 6 weeks notice.
However, we recognise that this is not customary practice, and work to the following schedule:

Notice of Cancellation (calendar days)

Percentage of fee payable
more than 56, nil
28 – 56, 25%
14 – 27, 50%
7 – 13, 75%
less than 7, 100%