International Patients

We work with a variety of sponsors to help you with the process of becoming a patient at The London Head & Neck Clinic.
STEP 1 Confirm the name of your sponsor

Here are some useful links:

Kuwait embassy

Kuwait Oil Company

UAE Embassy

Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Servo Medical
4 El-Edrisy Street, Mina Tower Building, Roxy, Heliopolis, Cairo, Egypt
T: + 202 418 9614
F :+ 202 417 1629
E : [email protected]

Russian Federation and former USSR
Anglo Medical Ltd
T: + 44 (0) 207 636 7179
M: + 44 (0) 750 001 4551
Skype: anglomedical
E: [email protected]

Middle East
International Medical Services
T: 00965 9444 4011
E: [email protected]

Beijing St Lucia
T: 0086 136 3386 3389
E: [email protected]

STEP 2 Obtain a medical report

Once you have confirmed with your sponsor please organise a medical report  with details of:

1. Your current condition

2. Medical history

3. Results of tests or investigations

4. Your provisional diagnosis and treatment so far.

The report should be less than 4 months old and submitted to [email protected]

STEP 3 Await review

Once your report has been received Mr Andi will review the information and schedule an appointment.

STEP 4 Estimate of costs

The International  Office will provide you with an estimate of costs and length of stay required in the UK.

STEP 5 We will send you an appointment date

A concierge service is available from London Heathrow, London City and RAF Northolt Airports

STEP 6 We will  send you the final cost

Once the appointment date has been arranged we will send you a letter containing the appointment details and a cost guide. It is possible that the final cost will be more than the guide price. We are only able to provide approximate costs until Mr Andi has seen you and ordered the investigations and decided on a course of treatment.

STEP 7 Confirm your appointment

Once we have booked your appointment you will need to confirm the appointment seven working days before it is scheduled. Confirmation can be made by phone or email. If you do not confirm the appointment seven days in advance it will be cancelled.

STEP 8 Arranging your visa

Once your appointment is confirmed and funds have been received the International Patient Office will issue a ‘confirmation to treat letter’. This letter will help you with your visa application process. Securing an appointment and receiving an invitation for medical care does not guarantee that the visa application will be successful.

Payment information

We have a lot of experience treating international patients, so we know how to make your medical travel experience as comfortable and convenient as possible. Your health is our top priority, so we’ve made the payment process simple and straight-forward, so you can focus on getting well.

Insurance Companies

We work with health insurance companies from all over the world. Contact your insurer locally for information about how to access hospital care under your policy.

If you cannot find your insurance company listed, please contact us for assistance.

Government-sponsored patients

If your government is sponsoring your treatment, please contact us so we can arrange to treat you in one of our world-class facilities. We accept ‘letters of guarantee’ from many different countries.

Company-sponsored patients

The London Head and Neck Clinic works with many different companies who fund treatment abroad for employees and their families. If your company is funding your treatment, please contact us for more information.